Fueled by a 90-year legacy of innovation, high quality and high performance, Fendt develops exceptional equipment, products and services so farmers can harness their own passion to produce excellent quality with maximum efficiency.

Fendt 900 Vario – Machine of the Year, Tractor of the Year

Fendt once again set new standards in the top performance class with this new versatile, large tractor series featuring an extensive connectivity package, relatively low weight and powerful new design.

Fendt 700 Gen6 Series

These premium high-horsepower row crop tractors deliver versatility, comfort and easy operation featuring the innovative FendtONE™ operator’s interface—a complete redesign for a streamlined and highly efficient work environment.

Fendt IDEALdrive™ joystick steering system

The industry’s first joystick steering system on a combine harvester gives the operator an unobstructed, end-to-end view of the combine header and requires 65% less muscle activity to operate than a steering wheel.

Fendt 314 Vario Wins “Best Utility”

The top-end Fendt 314 Vario delivers more power with the innovative DynamicPerformance power-boost, features the FendtONE™ operating concept, and fulfills European emission regulations Stage V.

Fendt Cargo T955 Telehandler

Maximizing visibility maximizes safety. With no dashboard to obstruct the lower part of the continuous windscreen, farmers have a floor-to-ceiling view of their surroundings. Together with the lifting cab, this gives the driver the perfect view of the attachment tool in almost every working position.

New Generation of Fendt e100 Vario

Our electric tractor is not just a concept, but a premium compact tractor that delivers maximum torque from the first revolution while reducing energy, maintenance and service costs—making sustainable improvements to how farmers work.