Our Strategy for the Future

With our global population expected to grow close to 10 billion people by 2050, feeding that growing population is a tremendous challenge and opportunity for the world’s farmers and the industry that supports them.

At AGCO, we are committed to delivering the innovative products, services, and solutions that farmers need to protect their livelihoods and the environment. Our creativity and resources are dedicated to helping farmers produce more food with fewer inputs and reduced impact. When the world’s farmers are successful, we each benefit.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to deliver farmer-focused solutions to sustainably feed our world. Helping farmers solve their most pressing challenges through the right combination of agronomic advice, agricultural practices, and precision ag products secures the global food supply for today and tomorrow.

Farmers are at the Heart of Everything We Do

Our shared passion for farmers is at the heart of everything we do at AGCO. Our strategy is custom built to place farmers first and set ourselves apart in the minds of our customers.

Our Vision is to be farmers’ most trusted partner for industry-leading, smart farming solutions. We will realize our vision and differentiate ourselves by offering exceptional customer experiences, high quality, precision ag solutions and customer-connected distribution. When we are successful in these areas, farmers will choose AGCO because of their personalized experiences, the value they capture from industry-leading innovation, and the ease of engaging with our brands wherever and however they choose from purchase consideration to replacement.

Exceptional Customer Experience

Delivering exceptional customer experiences starts with getting closer to our farmers and gaining a deeper understanding of their needs. Using that understanding as our starting point for innovation helps us create unique sales, product and service experiences that set us apart in the market.

Farmers experience AGCO through our powerful brand portfolio. Together with our dealer partners, we will deliver best-in-class customer experiences that achieve brand promises. Consistently delivering exceptional customer experiences at every touchpoint ensures we will become farmers’ and dealers’ most trusted partner to help them grow.

High-Quality Smart Farming Solutions

We will bring our purpose and vision to life by redoubling our digital and smart farming efforts to help farmers increase yields while being good stewards of our planet’s resources.

Today’s farmers are deciding how—not if—to digitalize their farm and leverage precision ag technologies to get more out of their hard work. Our Fuse® and Precision Planting technologies help farmers farm better, ultimately improving their efficiency, protecting their soil and maximizing their yield.

We are continuing to develop products and solutions that make automated, real-time adjustments to maximize agronomic outcomes. Leveraging ag equipment data, connectivity and analytics to generate valuable advice for farmers opens a world of possibilities for new product and service offerings that address farming challenges well into the future.

Customer-Connected Distribution and Service

In our increasingly digital world, farmers want to engage with their preferred providers in person, online or a combination of the two. They’re looking for partners who are easy to work with and whose solutions improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations.

In partnership with our dealers, we will enhance farmers’ retail and service experiences in both “brick and mortar” and digital environments—giving farmers the power to choose their preferred time and place to do business with AGCO from initial purchase consideration to eventual replacement.

We will leverage data insights to enable more proactive, predictive service and maximize farmer convenience and uptime.

Growth Levers

We will continue our growth story by focusing on our high margin businesses and leveraging the power of our proven brands.

Fendt continues its global expansion, bringing more dealers into its global dealer network who can deliver its premium Fendt experience and full-line offering to key markets around the world.

We are accelerating growth in the professional producer, large ag market in North America with a focus on Row Crop and Commercial Hay.

Precision Planting—one of the world’s leading agriculture innovators—will continue its track record of farmer-focused innovation as it expands around the world.

Our Global Parts and Services business will continue to deepen our connections to our customers and grow sales and profitability. In addition to its growth contribution, our REMAN business, offers farmers a more affordable option that uses up to 80% less energy and material to produce than a new part.

Optimize Key Areas

Fundamental to achieving our purpose and vision, we will implement a sustainability roadmap and actions that deeply embed sustainability into our business to make a positive impact on AGCO, our customers and our communities. We will continue to accelerate profitable growth in South America, drive the ongoing transformation of our Grain & Protein business, and achieve the full potential of our Massey Ferguson brand around the world.