Elevating Employee Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Ensuring that all AGCO workplaces protect the health and safety of employees and prevent long-term occupational health risks

Relevant SDG

AGCO recognizes the importance of health and safety to business success. It is the policy of AGCO to operate in a safe, responsible manner that respects the health and safety of our employees, our customers and the communities in which we operate. We will continually strive to work safe, every day, every way. We intend to bolster our health and safety metrics and track progress and improvements across all sites globally. We conduct occupational risk assessments, leveraging our long-term shop floor experience, and are committed to achieving zero work-related fatalities across our global enterprise.

Implement a ‘ONEAGCO’ approach to Health and Safety

We are actively embedding an enterprise-wide maturity model to advance our culture of health and safety to reach beyond site, region, or brand, encompassing all of AGCO. This ONEAGCO approach builds on the success of our health and safety FOCUS program launched in 2014, which concentrated on our manufacturing sites globally. In 2021, we will launch our FOCUS 2.0 program with the goal to bring all sites and all employees within reporting scope. Our ambition is to outperform industry benchmarks, leverage leading safety indicators, raise productivity, lower incident rates, and exceed regulations in all markets where we operate.

Roll out AGCO's FOCUS 2.0 Health and Safety program globally in 2021

Deliver a Year-on-Year Reduction in Recordable Injuries

We have a proud history of protecting our people and understand that safety vigilance must be accompanied by efforts to continually improve our safety systems and performance. We have initially set a short-term goal to reduce our recordable injury rate in 2021 while we re-evaluate our longer-term goals as part of our ‘FOCUS 2.0’ program.

Deliver a year-on-year improvement to our recordable injury rate for manufacturing sites